Did you know that many trees and shrubs should only be pruned during the winter or dormant months? Pruning during warmer months exposes many varieties of ornamental trees and shrubs to bacteria and disease. This is true for many other tree and plant species as well but particularly ornamental varieties because of their need for more frequent pruning.

From the start, trees sold in the landscape industry are first selected and pruned at nurseries until we (usually the 3rd or 4th handler) plant them in your yard. This type of care shouldn’t stop once planted. Here are a few reasons you should consider regular pruning:

  • Thinning ornamental trees (crab trees for instance) allows sunlight and air flow to filter through tree canopy to reduce risk of disease. Too much suckering and overgrowth prevents this.
  • Thinning encourages fruiting and more robust flowering.
  • Thinning controls plant size, longevity, and growth direction.
  • Pruning ensures healthy growth and discourages overgrowth into your home’s sidewalk, house or patios environments.
  • We want to maintain the trees we install. They are a crucial part of any landscape plan and anchor the other elements of softscapes. A low cost annual investment is worth it.
  • Paul, Jane, Pete & Marie
    "We couldn't be more happy with the job your company did! The two sidewalks and circular patio are beautiful! You were always punctual, cheerful and pleasant to work with. The whole family enjoyed watching the craftsmanship in action. We like it so much! We hope to have you back next year to work on the front steps and landscape. Thank you so much! Great Job!"
    Paul, Jane, Pete & Marie
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Marty B.
    "Don did a great job. Very organized and paid attention to every detail. Don truly cared about the quality of his work and help to make sure that all other contractors related to my new in-ground pool installation worked together and everything came together for a great end result. Don is very responsive and great communicator. He is very knowledgeable about what needs to be done to provide a great quality project. The process went smooth and was enjoyable. Don is a great person to work with and manage a high quality paver/landscape project."
    Marty B.
  • Karen O.
    "It was a fabulous experience. They were very professional and friendly. My husband and I didn't realize that our yard was going to be as beautiful as it is. It is our oasis! Don and his crew were amazing to work with. They remodeled our whole yard working very close with our pool contractor, fencing contractor and custom curbing."
    Karen O.
  • Catherine G.
    "Don and his crew did an amazing job. We were extremely happy with the results.  They were easy to work with and stuck to all the deadlines as we were preparing for our daughter's graduation open house.  Very professional and detail oriented. I would highly recommend them for any landscape project."
    Catherine G.
  • Patricia C.
    "Great design, on time installation, no surprises!"
    Patricia C.
  • Melody K.
    "The experience with Don and his crew was awesome! They put in a patio for us and did landscaping. The crew did an excellent job and knew what they were doing. I would hire them again and tell anyone if they need patio to call Don. We are very happy!"
    Melody K.
  • Jennifer O.
    "Signature Patio was one of the only companies that called us back right away and responded to our request for a bid. They came to our house to take measurements. We met 2 other times to pick out stone and to remeasure some small changes that were made. Our project started about 2 weeks after initially thought because of delays in other jobs due to weather. We are happy with our patio and the workers were fast and very nice. They use nice design software so you can see approximately what you will be getting. (vs a hand-made sketch). The owner is a talented designer and based on his other designs and work we trusted his judgment as he guided us in choosing our materials and shrubs/plants. Overall we are very happy with our patio. It is absolutely beautiful and better them we could have imagined. On a general note, In all contractor customer relationships, it is important to have good communication and make sure that all issues are addressed at the time of service. It is better to address difficult subjects in person versus via email in order to facilitate conversation and to avoid misunderstandings. We would use Signature Patio again."
    Jennifer O.
  • Bob V.
    "Don and his team were very professional throughout the project. We spent a lot of time on project design and we met with Don numerous times prior to starting the project. Don is very responsive- he communicated well with us before, during, and after the project. Don's landscape crew were hard working and professional.  We are very satisfied with the entire project completed by Signature Patio & Landscape."
    Bob V.
  • Linda H.
    "The work that Signature Patio and Landscape did for us far exceeded our expectations! Don presented us with a design that captured the style of our home and us, he was very open to any questions or changes that we had and worked diligently to utilize our budget in the most effective manner. The crew were very professional, courteous and pleasant. Unbelievable what they did in the short amount of time they were here, it's very precise and gorgeous! Our home now looks like the 'castle' we always envisioned!"
    Linda H.
  • Gary B.
    "Don and his crew were nothing short of fantastic! Great ideas. Very professional and easy to work with. Extremely high quality workmanship. We are a repeat customer and will continue to use Signature in the future."
    Gary B.