Our process begins when you initially contact Signature Patio & Landscape. We collect information that allows us to get to know you, your goals, and how we can help you achieve your goals. From the initial contact, we set up a design consultation.

Design Consultation

The design consultation gives us an opportunity to see, in person, the unique qualities and personality of your home or business and its surroundings. The design process is a collaborative process and we want you to share your preferences, expectations, and your vision for your outdoor living space. Taking this knowledge, along with photos and detailed measurements, we begin the creative design process.

Why Have a Design?

Are you starting from scratch and looking for inspiration? Are you wondering if the design process is really necessary? Design work translates conversations and concepts to paper. A properly scaled design eliminates guesswork and simplifies construction. It can be complex with multiple elevation changes in a sprawling poolscape or as simple as “will my dining set fit my patio space?”. A concept merely communicated verbally can backfire with both estimating and assumed scale.

Details create interest and the more details are communicated, the greater the need for a design. A design eliminates mistakes or oversights and streamlines communication ensuring that you, the client, will get the results you expect.

How large is your project? Often larger patio projects or poolscapes are impossible to start without design processes due to the scope of the work and the scale of the overall project. Other factors may also require design work; the city or homeowner’s association may require design work with scaled drawings to approve any necessary permits. In many cases as a company, we will not move forward without completing the design process. It is paramount in communicating details from concept to construction, especially as the project becomes larger. A positive end result is always our focus.

Designs address all aspects of a project. A drainage issue may require a simple solution, or it may involve many layers that need to be considered and documented. Often overlooked, this has the ability to impact the longevity of your new pool, patio, wall or any other landscape feature.

Sometimes No Design Is Needed

In some cases, a quote is all that’s required. Examples could include.

  • Clearly defined boundaries – put X here…
  • T&M repair or maintenance work.
  • A professional design is already in place.
  • Perhaps you only want to get an estimated cost range. This can often be communicated at the initial consultation or over the phone.

Creating the Design

During the creative process, we take into account all of the information we’ve acquired and begin to lay out ideas for a beautiful and functional outdoor space that truly becomes an extension of your indoor living space. We create a detailed design—much like the one shown here—that not only serves as a blueprint in the construction process, but also helps you envision what your finished space will look like when completed.

Design Presentation

In the presentation we share the creative direction, ideas, and plan on paper. We’ll also provide recommendations for materials, plants, and trees that are well-suited for your environment. Again, this is a collaborative process, and we want you to be involved as much as you’d like to be in the selection of the materials, plants, and trees. Upon review of the design, we develop a project timeline to bring the design to life.


Our highly skilled craftsman begin the process of assembling, constructing, and planting the materials used in your design. We take great pride in the work we do and we believe you’ll see that in the quality, skill, and effort of our crews. We’re always happy to take time to answer questions and discuss the progress of the project – don’t hesitate to ask!

Relax and Enjoy

After completing your new outdoor living space, we answer any questions you might have, and show you how to care for the specific plants, flowers, trees and other features in your newly finished landscaped area. We want you to enjoy your new space for years to come!

The Design Process

From the designer’s point of view:

  • Listen carefully – We want to nail it! This is evident in all our processes but in the design phase it’s critical. A good designer is first a good listener.The idea phase can be a fun process but typically we don’t want it to track away from being practical. Please utilize our expertise and creative abilities. It may seem like a fun idea to have a tunnel to your backyard utility shed but if it costs more than your home to build that money is probably better spent elsewhere. We aim to gain your trust in our creative and construction abilities.
  • Visualize – We’ll spend time in your backyard digesting what we’ve discussed and how it can become reality. We want to exceed your expectations.
  • Document – Time is spent in your backyard measuring, shooting elevations, and photographing details. Little details like neighboring properties, good and bad sight lines, locations of spigots, outdoor outlets, windows within the area and the view from inside each. We also locate all existing trees, existing well, septic, utilities both private and public. It’s also important for us to have your ‘As Built’ survey and other drawings from builders or collaborating companies (pool builder, deck builder…).
  • Creative Process – I imagine what the space could be and how we can make it both functional and interesting. How the environment travels lends to its functionality by connecting entries and exits sensibly. Separating spaces with landscaping or elevation changes is how we make it beautiful and interesting. Every design has a rhythm and every property has its own unique set of challenges. Plants (softscapes) and outcrops separate these spaces, add interest, and provide balance or frame the environment.
    Usually, many conversations lead to the first design. This is the moment of truth, so to speak. The first concept demonstrates if the discussed ideas are on target creatively. This is where you will see your ideas on paper. This part of the process should be fun and engaging, not stressful. It’s our aim to make sure every client feels comfortable with the direction the project is going.
  • Design Revisions are a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the designer to achieve a final concept. Often revisions are necessary, but the design fee covers the initial design and three revisions. Unless we completely switch concepts, this is generally achievable.

You've Hired Us, What's Next?

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