Eco-Friendly Building Processes and Materials

Creating a sustainable environment for your home requires a vision—seeing things in a new way. At Signature Patio and Landscape, we care deeply about the environment. Our landscaping work is inspired by a thorough understanding and deep appreciation of nature’s generosity, processes and materials. Our desire is to create enduring and meaningful landscape designs where manmade construction is in perfect harmony with surrounding nature, and that preserve natural resources.

Interest in green building and sustainable design isn’t a new concept. Renewed interest in our environment by developers, designers, engineers, and homeowners has played a major part in recent efforts to protect and conserve our water, animals, and our ecosystem as a whole.

Signature Patio has taken a proactive approach to sustainable landscape design by incorporating eco-friendly building processes and materials, as well as methods used to handle and reduce water runoff to improve water quality.

When planning your next landscape project, consider sustainable design and conservation as part of your plan. Allow Signature Patio and Landscape to help you create a plan that incorporates sustainable landscape solutions, while complimenting your home and connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces.


Signature Patio is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations – each dedicated to collaboratively working to educate industry professionals and homeowners alike on the importance of protecting our fragile environment:

U.S. Green Building Council

Don Felix, Owner and landscape designer is currently pursuing accreditation as a LEED AP. The LEED AP accreditation demonstrates a commitment and thorough knowledge of current technologies, strategies, and techniques in green building and design. For more information about the LEED accreditation program, go to

Minnesota GreenStar

A green building standard and green certification program to promote healthy, durable, high-performance homes. For more information about Minnesota GreenStar, go to

Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association

The Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association is the state's oldest and largest green industry trade organization. Started in 1925 as the Minnesota Nurserymen's Association, today MNLA represents and serves nursery and greenhouse growers, garden centers, irrigation contractors, industry suppliers, and a wide range of landscape professionals. The objective of the MNLA Certified Professional program is to uphold, improve, and promote standards of professionalism and excellence within the industry. For more information about MNLA, go to

Blue Thumb

The Blue Thumb program encourages homeowners to use native plant gardening, rain gardens, and shoreline stabilization to reduce runoff from their home landscape and improve water quality. For more information about Blue Thumb, go to